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Transplant Life!

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Hi, Welcome to my Blog!

Mission: Help Transplant Recipients live longer.

1) Provide the lessons I have learned following my Heart and Kidney Transplant.

2) Help Transplant Recipients develop the mental attitude to return to a somewhat normal life.

3) Help loved ones care and understand the adjustments a transplant recipient must make.

Rules of Engagement (ROE):

I promise to be totally honest about my transplant issues, including everything. If something gets too personal, I will ask for a private means of communication to tell my lessons.

I will try to post a new Blog once per week, but if I don't, I still care, just busy.

I will try to personally communicate with you on a one to one basis.

I am still not very religious, even after my experiences. I will not preach to you and I do not like to be preached at.

I am very direct and expect the same.

I flew fighter aircraft for the USAF for 20 years, my skin is thick so say what you want to me but don't be disrespectful. I'll try to give you the same courtesy.

I reserve to right to make more ROE as things develop.

My first story is about the logo you see on this page.

Let me tell you my thinking behind the logo and what it means. I used a heart instead of a kidney as the basic symbol because it looks better, and the heart represents life and love. There is nothing more American than a cowboy, and I had grown into that call sign through my actions and deeds, hence, “Cowboy Up.” Nothing says I will so kick your ass more than a cowboy hat, and it conveys the toughness required to survive the transplant ordeal. The green ribbon represents organ transplant and donation. The silhouette of the F-15E represents the fighter pilot because, let’s face it, when things go bad, everyone wants a fighter pilot on their side. I set the words “Transplant Life” under the heart, because once a person undergoes a transplant, that person’s life is never the same.

Hope you enjoyed this one. Till next time.

Cowboy out.

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